Thursday, September 3, 2009

Term 3 - Week 6

On Monday, Annmarie, Emma, Rebecca and Chloe returned to one of their favourite activities - working together with the shape-making job (ironing beads).

Wednesday was a quiet day with only 3 families present. There was a good balance of individual and group work. Timothy (5) and Mikayla (2.5) interacted while drawing, before Mikayla went off to explore the practical life area and Timothy did the candle job. Dylan (5.5) showed great patience in waiting for his turn to explore the bugs preserved in resin.

Friday was full of activity. There was a huge triumph for Timothy (5) early in the session, who tackled the hundred board for the first time and, with a little guidance from Annmarie, successfully completed it. Annmarie, Rebecca, Timothy and Michael were very excited when EJ gave them the opportunity to hold Oscar (6 weeks old). Michael was intrigued by Oscar's tiny feet. In the latter part of the session, several children worked with the language boxes. Well done Harry (1.5) for making it to the end of the session!

A community meeting was held on Saturday at the club. The main topic for discussion was our urgent need for a venue in 2010. Minutes from the community meeting are available in the file near the classroom entrance.

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