Monday, January 18, 2010

Term 1 2010

Dear Community

We are pleased to be able to offer the following staffed sessions
Monday 9.30 to 12.30pm
Friday 9.30 to 12.30pm

And the following unstaffed sessions
Wednesday 9.30 to 12.30pm
Saturday 9.30 to 12.30pm

We have also relaxed the attendance requirements for the Wednesday and Saturday sessions, you can now attend these sessions without the need to attend staffed sessions. Saturdays can also be attended on a casual basis, just pay on the day.

Please return your enrolment form as soon as possible to confirm your attendance.

It is also with much regret that we must inform the community that Carmelina has resigned her position with the Club due to personal reasons and will not be joining us in Term 1. We would like to take this opportunity to say a big Thank You to Carmelina for all that she has done over the years, the last 12 months would have been even more difficult without her. We wish her all the best for the future. A card for Carmelina will be available in the Club for families to sign.

Lorraine will be working with us in Term 1 along with Parent volunteers and we will be using the responses to the Strategic Planning Survey to plan the Clubs requirements for the remainder of 2010.

In other news there will be an Open Day at the Club on the 23rd of January from 10am til 2pm. Could all families please invite anyone they think might be interested in the Club. A flyer is also attached for you to forward or put up at work. Of course all members are also welcome at the Open Day and we hope to see you there!

The fantastic fundraising committee has also arranged a stall at the Marlston Markets over the next 2 weekends (24th and 31st). They are selling Cadbury products as well as providing a display and information on the Club.

2010 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for the Club and we look forward to seeing your family at a session soon!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Venue for 2010!

We are very relieved and excited to say that we have secured a venue for 2010. In fact, we are staying right where we are! The Principal of Eaton Community College confirmed this morning that the rooms are free for us to continue to use for 2010, under the same conditions we have had to date. We are elated! to say the least .... This at least means that we are stable while we continue to work towards securing a suitable long-term venue.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Term 4 - October

In the first three years of life, children have a strong sense of order and can be upset by changes. Several children struggled with the big changes in our classroom and were a bit unsettled in the first week or two of this term. However, they soon adjusted to the new setup.

The classroom is now split into 2 rooms, with parents and younger children in an area adjoining the kitchen and children over 3 spending most of their time with Carmelina in a room at the far end. So far, the older children have taken great pleasure in a variety of practical life activities, such as making their own lemonade, orange-ade, “twirly-whirly” apples(!), and preparing cheese and crackers. Other activities have included the verb game, story writing, the hundred board, triangle construction, fractions with apples, puzzles of the human body and looking through books about fossils and big cats.

The new cheese-grating job in the kitchen has been very popular, with several children from around age 2 enjoying the preparation (and consumption!) of grated cheese. There has also been a renewed interest in the Froebel jobs.

Sessions are running on Saturdays this term, but it is usually a bit lonely for Harry! After being a little overwhelmed last term, it is lovely to see how much enjoyment he is getting from exploring the environment. It is great too to see that his dad shares in the experience. Several dads in our community attend sessions with their children. Having involved fathers is known to have such a positive effect on the development and health of children.

The spring weather has been perfect for trying out our new sports equipment, purchased with a grant received from McDonald’s.

Sadly, we received a resignation from Sandy at the beginning of the term – a big thank you to her for all she has done. She has put in so much time and effort over the years.

A committee meeting was held during the month – the funding application for a building at the Hudson Road Family Centre was unsuccessful and we are still looking for a venue for 2010.

People who didn’t make it to the wildflower walk in the first week of term missed out on a beautiful stroll through Maidens Reserve, led by a guide who provided lots of interesting information about Australian native plants. Several families attended the Milligan’s 20th Annual Teddy Bear’s Picnic on week 3.

Ros set up and attended a display for the club at the Inaugural South West Early Years Conference, held at the ECU Bunbury Campus. Anyone interested in hearing more about the conference is welcome to contact Ros.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Renovations and preparation for Term 4

During the second week of the school holidays, the builders constructed a wall to split our room in half, in preparation for use by Eaton Community College students in 2010. All of the old carpet was then ripped up and replaced.

Thankfully we were able to access the room on Friday afternoon and prepare the classroom for term 4. Many thanks to the handful of people who helped to move the furniture back and cleaned.

Sandy and Carmelina returned on Saturday to finish off preparing the classroom - well done for getting it all done in time for the session on Monday!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Term 3 - Week 10

On Monday and Wednesday, groups of children enjoyed looking at the new human skeleton job.

Several families stayed for lunch after Monday's session - the last session for Sarah, Ruby and Eleanor before they move to Perth! After lunch, there was a flurry of brooms, brushes and sponges as the children cleaned up. It was great to see them caring for their environment with such enthusiasm.

There was a good turn-out on the last day of term as we packed up the class and moved everything in preparation for classroom renovations. It was a huge job clearing everything off the carpeted area - many thanks to all who helped.

Term 3 - Week 8

Carmelina attended an encouraging and inspiring talk by Dr Steven Hughes at Beehive Montessori on the night of Monday 7 September and kindly provided us with a summary of his talk in our newsletter. The slide shows from his talk can be viewed at the website , though it is somewhat difficult to imagine what some of the slides represent without the explanations! Apparently you can also view a podcast of the entire talk from the website - has anyone had success with viewing this?

Inspired by the classroom at Beehive, on Friday Carmelina presented an art activity of finger painting flowers and introduced parts of the seed.

Saturday was more busy than usual, with the participants of the library workshops attending and a few members doing a make-up session.

Term 3 - Visit to Dolphin Discovery Centre

Several families gathered together on Thursday 3 September to visit the Dolphin Discovery Centre in Bunbury. The children enjoyed touching the shells decorating the display stands and were fascinated by the skeleton of the dolphin, though the biggest attractions were the touchpool and the loggerhead turtles. The little loggerhead turtles are in rehabilitation at the centre after being washed ashore on the beaches around Bunbury, and will be returned to warmer waters around Shark Bay once they are strong enough. It was interesting to watch the volunteer staff feed the turtles.

The weather held off for a relaxed morning tea picnic on the lawn outside the centre. The children played in the cosy playground and the mums enjoyed having a chat.
Many thanks to Renee for organising the event - a good choice for Biodiversity Month, which is held in September every year and aims to promote the importance of protecting, conserving and improving biodiversity (the "web of life") worldwide.